Opportunity Funding


 Governor Carney, House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst, Delaware Education Secretary Susan Bunting, education advocates and members of the General Assembly announced $75 million over three years for Governor Carney’s Opportunity Funding initiative,which would provide targeted resources toward Delaware’s most disadvantaged students. This investment includes $15 million for mental health and reading supports for high-needs Delaware schools. The funding, included in the Fiscal Year 2020 budget, still must be approved by the full General Assembly.

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School Tax Without Referendum Bill Fails


A bill that would have given school boards the limited ability to raise taxes without referendums failed to get released from committee on Wednesday. 

 House Bill 129 sought to allow taxes to be increased 2% annually, or a rate equal to the increase in a designated Consumer Price Index, whichever was greater.

At the House Education Committee hearing, the bulk of the testimony was in opposition to the bill. Some were at odds with the measure because it would eliminate the ability of citizens to impact the tax hikes the legislation sought to facilitate. Others maintained that the bill was a half-measure that should be discarded in favor of fundamentally reforming the way Delaware funds public education.

The legislation failed to win enough votes to be released from the committee. While the bill is still technically eligible to be worked through June 30, 2020, the hearing illustrated it likely lacks the needed support among legislators, citizens, and members of the education community to move forward.

Lead sponsor of the proposal and Education Committee Chairman, State Rep. Earl Jaques, D-Glasgow, said he would hold meetings over the next six months to get input for a new education funding bill.

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Green Schools


 The Sierra Club is excited to announce our new 100% Clean Energy School Districts campaign! In partnership with Ready for 100, we are working with parents, families and community members to encourage school boards in districts across the country to pass 100% clean energy resolutions.


Sierra Club's Climate Parents is launching a new campaign to move school districts across the country to 100% clean, renewable energy. Are you in?