Road improvements being made

DelDOT will begin operations to correct the rideability of Tar and Chip roads. The operations will involve wedging and/or skimming roadways with what is called "bituminous pavement." 

Work is tentatively scheduled to start in June and end in the fall. In the Spring of 2020. DelDOT will seal the road with an application of Tar and Chip followed with a "fog seal." Roads are selected based on age of previous surface. Any questions can be directed to DelDOT at 302-853-1305.

In the meantime, DelDOT is applying a fog seal on some other roadways throughout the state. Fog seal is an asphalt and water mixture that sets up quickly and can be driven on within 30 minutes  The technique is similar to sealing a driveway. DelDOT is making the application as part of a preservation program intended to inexpensively extend the life of asphalt. The sealant reportedly helps slow down asphalt deterioration caused by ultra-violet light oxidation. It also seals any voids in the pavement caused by the loss of aggregate.